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The Dorothy Ley Hospice

[NOTE: This information was published in 1994. For current information on The Dorothy Ley Hospice, go to their web site at:

The Dorothy Ley Hospice in Etobicoke, Ontario is committed to offering support to individuals and their families facing a terminal illness to help them live with comfort, meaning, dignity and hope. All their services are provided without charge. As a community-based organization it is designed to help people remain at home for as long as they choose. The Hospice supports the person who is ill, the family and other caregivers.

The Hospice was initiated by the Outreach Committee of St. George's on-the-Hill Anglican Church in 1985. The hospice was incorporated in 1987 and began serving clients in 1990. Since then, The Dorothy Ley Hospice has provided support services to more than 300 clients (to 1994).

The Hospice is a non-profit organization funded by donations from individuals, churches, service clubs, companies, foundations and bequests. It offers an interdisciplinary team of health care professionals and trained volunteers dedicated to:

  1. providing high quality care in the home;

  2. alleviating pain and other symptoms;

  3. providing assistance with daily activities;

  4. providing spiritual support through clergy from many different religions with a special interest and training in palliative care;

  5. collaborating with existing services;

  6. counselling patients and their families;

  7. offering support and understanding to the bereaved as long as necessary after the death of a loved one;

  8. offering educational programs, research opportunities, a newsletter and a speakers' bureau for explaining community hospice care to people in Etobicoke.

In response to a call for assistance, a Hospice team member will visit a patient t home or in the hospital. A personalized care plan is then developed for each patient in consultation with the attending physician, other agencies providing care and the family.

Volunteers receive 30-hours of training provided in collaboration with Humber College. Men and women of all ages and backgrounds come to the hospice as volunteers. They are provided with ongoing training, education and group support.

The Heart of Hospice

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