1. Dorothy's mother, Inez Corinne Dunlop (Ley) in nursing uniform of the early 20th century.

2. Dorothy and her mother in 1924.

3. Dorothy with her first collectable bunny (1925 or 1926).

4. Dorothy's father, Charles Thomas Hobbs Ley.

5. Dr. Jessie McGeachy

6. The camper and outdoor enthusiast.

7. Medical student.

8. Dorothy in the mid-1940's.

9. Graduation picture.

10. Donnie McGeachy during her acting career in New York.

11. Donnie in her later years.

12. Dorothy and Donnie in the early '50's.

13. Donnie on her 80th Birthday.

14. Dorothy giving a medical lecture.

15. Outside the Palliative Care Foundation office in the early 1980's.

16. In the sun room at Tir N'an Og.

17. Dorothy's home, Tir N'an Og, on Lake Simcoe in Beaverton, Ontario (1992). Photo by Marilyn Lundy.

18. The Doctor and the Judge.

19. Dorothy in her backyard at Tir N'an Og (1992). Photo by Marilyn Lundy.

20. Dame in the Order of St. Lazarus.


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