On Our Own...Together

  Table of Contents

What You Must Know First

How to Use This Book

Acknowledging the Sponsors



Part 1: General Information

Chapter 1: General Information

Part 2: Trusts

Chapter 2: One Family's Story (The Beginning)

Chapter 3: What are Trusts and Are They for Me?

Chapter 4: Present and Future Needs

Chapter 5: Beginning, Maintaining & Closing a Trust

Chapter 6: Non-Financial Considerations

Chapter 7: A Family's Story (The Sequel)

Part 3: Endowment Funds

Chapter 8: Deohaeko Support Network (The Beginning)

Chapter 9: What are Endowment Funds & Are They Right for Us?

Chapter 10: Present and Future Needs

Chapter 11: Beginning, Maintaining and Closing an Endowment Fund

Chapter 12: Non-Financial Considerations

Chapter 13: Deohaeko Support Network (The Sequel)

Part 4: Making It Work For You

Chapter 14: Creative Fund Raising


Part 1: For Both Trust and Endowment Funds

Appendix A: Comparing Trusts or Endowment Funds

Appendix B: Specific Wording for Donations to Charities Through a Will

Appendix C: Last Will and Testament and Settling the Estate

Part 2: Trusts

Appendix D: Sample Discretionary Trust Created by a Last Will and Testament

Appendix E: Life Planning Guide

Appendix F: A Sample of a Trust Funded Through Insurance Benefits

The “Special Needs” Plan Description

Part 3: Endowments

Appendix G: Plan for Establishing an Endowment Fund

Appendix H: Sample Endowment Fund Policies

Appendix I: Sample Endowment Fund Agreement

Appendix J: Specific Sample Agreement between ACT and the Toronto Community Foundation

Appendix K: Sample Donor Agreement to Contribute to an Endowment Fund

Appendix L: Draft Agreement Among Deohaeko Families for the Creation, Maintenance and Dissolution of an Endowment Fund

Part 4: Resources

Organizations and Useful References/References



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